How To Solve The North Korea Issue

So, President Trump and Kim Jong-Un had a metting which was said to be a first step towards peace. Only general outlines were made, no specifics. Here is a somewhat more specific description on how to achieve peace:

1) North Korea gives up its nuclear weapons. Whish is a MAJOR concession given what happened to Kadaffi and Saddam Hussein after they gave up their weapons of mass destruction.

2) The US gives iron clad security guarantess of not attacking North Korea, similar to the guarantees given to Cuba after the missile crisis in the 1960s

3) US withdraws its troops from South Korea and end military exercises.

4)Warning to North Korea that if it attacks South Korea then points 2) and 3) will be null and void.

5) If North Korean nuclear disarmament is complete and verifiable then the sanctions will be lifted.

Any reasonable observer should see that this is what a final settlement will look like. Let’s hope that after a long time of negotiations, this is what will happen.