One year with Trump

So today is the one year anniversary of when Donald Trump got inaugurated as President of the United States. How has he been doing?

Mostly good actually. He hasn’t delivered on all his promises, in some cases because of opposition from Congress or the Courts, in some cases because he no longer seems to want to do it and in some cases both. But since some of his election promicies weren’t good, such as a protectionist trade policy, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

He has done good things, like appointing originalist judges to federal courts, including the Supreme Court, doing away with a lot of regulation and getting a tax cut plan passed.

The two latest things are partial reasons why the U.S. economy is doing so good now. While the tax cuts weren’t implemented until January 1 this year, the expectation of them helped the economy already last year. The expectation of the corporate tax cut have for example of course contributed to the stock market rally, as it raises after tax profits.

In foreign policy he has taken a strong pro-Israel stance, by recognizing that Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel and move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and by reducing foreign aid to the Palestinians. His North Korea political has been very confrontational in rhetoric but there is no sign that he would foolishly attack North Korea.

His personal style with sometimes strange statements and tweets is problematic, but not a big problem as long as doesn’t lead to unwise policies.

He hasn’t really done much negative things, except allowing his Attorney General Jeff Sessions to threaten states that have made the wise decision of legalizing marijuana.

Still, all in all, his record is actually pretty good, contrary to what leftist journalists would have you believe.




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