The Lesson Of The Special Elections

This week featured two “special elections” to the United States House of representatives. In both cases Democrats lost. The defeat was especially humiliating in the race in Georgia, since Trump only won it last year by only a percentage point. The Republican winning marging was slightly larger this time even though the Democratic candidate “should” have won. It was an epic fail.

So why Democrats lose? Well, there are probably several reasons, but the most important is that the Democratic campaign kept focusing on the Russia issue. Almost noone outside the establishment i DC and the media cares about that. Ted Cruz said in an interview that in DC all people talked about was Russia, but back home home in Texas people talked about the issues.

These elections illustrate that this is the broader sentiment in America. DC is out of touch with the American people.


What’s So Bad About “Climate Change”?

So President Trump rightly decided to pull the US out of the so-called “Paris Agreement” on climate change. Predictably, the political- and media establisment were outraged.

What is missing here is a discussion of the real issue: What’s so bad about climate change?

I don’t deny that there’s climate change. Climat change has happened ever since this planet was created and will continue until the ┬ásun blows up and takes this planet with it.

Nor do I deny that human activity hasn’t had any effect on this planet’s climate. That seems to be the view of almost every scientist in this area.

But what climate hysterics have yet to explain is: why is a bad thing? Why is it assumed that the “pre-industrial era” temperatures are optimal? I’ve asked climate hysterics this question dozens of times, but I’ve never gotten an answer.

Sure, one degree difference in temperature could have negative effects, but it could also have positive effects. The fact that warmer weather can have positive effects is illustrated by the fact that no one wants to live in Antarctica.

So the real issue here isn’t if “man-made climate change” exists, the issue is why it is assumed that it would only be a bad thing.