Why Wilders Didn’t Win As Much As Expected

The Netherlands has just had elections, which the media describes as a “loss” for right-wing populist Geert Wilders’ party PVV

Actually, Wilders didn’t really lose as his party won a greater percentage than in the last election.Still, he didn’t win as much as some had expected and his success certainly isn’t comparable to those of the Brexit campaign or Donald Trump.

Why? Because while there is great popular support for restricting the inflow of asylum seekers, most other parties already supports that. And Wilder’s rhetoric, and proposals (like banning the Quran) is viewed by many as too extreme.

But perhaps most importantly, his anti-EU views don’t resonate in the Netherland. The Netherlands is one of the most export dependant countries in the world, and leaving the EU would risk hurting exports.

That would be much more devasting than trade barriers for Britain would be, which is a key reason why “Nexit” has far less support than “Brexit”


Why Kim-Jong Un is arming

North Korea keeps increasing its (nuclear) missile arsenal.

Why? Because Kim Jong-un pays attention.

Saddam Hussein and Moammar Kadaffi decided to follow international demands to disarm. Now they’re both killed because of foreign attacks. North Korea’s increased military capacity ┬áis no doubt motivated by what happened to Saddam and Kaddafi.