No, Building homes for Jews not what’s stopping peace

In defending the outgoing Obama administration’s decision to allow a UN Security Council resolution condemning the construction of homes for Jews in Judea and Samaria (aka “the West Bank), State Secretary John Kerry claimed that “settlements” are what’s preventing peace between the “Palestinians” and Israel.

No it’s not. Even setting aside the immorality and hypocricy of specifically preventing Jews, but not Arabs, from building homes, that story is obviously false.

In 1949-1967, Gaza, Judea and Samaria and the Golan Heights were all judenrein , not a single Jew (“settler”) were there. Yet that was when the “Palestinian movement”, the PLO, was created. And the Arab states still decided to attack Israel.

In 2005, then Israeli PM Ariel Sharon conducted an experiement on the “settlements are what’s preventing peace” theory by giving in to the foreign demands to ethnically cleanse Gaza and make it judenrein. Well, guess what, it didn’t result in peace in Gaza.

The problem is that the Arabs don’t just oppose Jewish homes in the “West Bank” and Gaza. They oppose any Jewish presence in all of Israel.


Trump Making US Dollar More Expensive

One of the most interesting, from an economic point of view, of Trump’s victory is how it has made the US dollar a lot more stronger/expensive. A euro now only cost $1.04, the lowest in a long time, and the exchange rate against most currencies have moved in a similiar, or even more dramatic, way.

There are three reasons for that:

-Trump promises lower taxes (with one exception that will be discussed below) AND higher spending. That is what is called “fiscal stimulus”, which will increase consumer price inflation, and thus induce the Fed to hike interest rates.

-What’s also inducing the Fed to hike interest rates was that before the election they wanted to help Hillary by not raising rates, but now they feel free to do so.

-The third reason is that the taxes on imports (tariffs as they’re often called) that Trump has pledged to impose on at least Mexico and China will reduce American demand on foreign imports, and so also the demand on foreign currencies, raising the price on the American currency.