A Few Things To Note About The Election

I had no clear preference in the election. I didn’t like either major party candidate. And the Libertarian Party chose the worst possible candidates. The presidential candidate, apart from not knowing what Aleppo is, failed to endorse the freedom of association principle by arguing that bakers should be forced to bake gay wedding cakes. And his vice presidential candidate couldn’t give a straight answer as to whether you should vote for his ticket or Hillary Clinton’s. I have voted in all Swedish elections since I became 18 but I’m not sure I would have voted if I had been an American citizen.

What Trump’s win will mean remains to be seen. His trade policy is really horrible, but much of his other  proposed policies are good, including his foreign policy, income- and corporate tax cuts, opposition to many destructive regulations and his pledge to appoint Supreme Court judges that won’t try to legislate from the bench.

Anyway, Here you can find the full results of the election. Some noteable things:

-Despite having worst ticket ever, the Libertarian Party candidates Gary Johnson & Bill Weld got the strongest result ever, 3.2% of the vote.They weren’t on the ballot in some states, but got 6.3% in North Dakota and 5.9% in Alaska.

-Washington DC  had the by far biggest Hillary majority 93-4. Other strongholds include Hawaii, Vermont, California and New York (which BTW is the home state of both Hillary and Trump) .

-The biggest Trump majority was in Wyoming, where he won by 70-22.5.He also won landslide victories in a few other states like West Virginia, Oklahoma and North Dakota.West Virginia is the most remarkable because Hillary Clinton’s husband won it back in the 1990’s. Yet now, she just got 26.5% compared to 68.7% for Trump.

-Trump actually did better among blacks and hispanics than Romney 2012 according to exit polls.