The Chewbacca Defense Election

The current american presidential election is really a disgrace. It seems to have come down to whether Bill Clinton or Donald Trump is the greatest sexist.

The sexual comments and even alleged behavior of Donald Trump, or for that matter Bill Clinton, are really irrelevant for this election, just as their preferences when it comes to movies or favorite colors are.

What is relevant is what their policies are. I don’t give a rat’s ass about their private lives as that doesn’t affect us. So I really think the race should return to discussing the issues. Unfortunately though, the media establishment seems determined to distract us from that.

So this seems to be a “Chewbacca defense election”. For those who don’t know, “Chewbacca defense” is when you bring up irrelevant issues to distract from the relevant ones in winning a contest. In its original form, in “South Park”, “Jonnie Chochran” brought up the issue why Chewbacca, an 8 foot tall wookie from Kashyyk would want to live on Endor with a bunch of 2 foot tall Ewoks, in a trial regarding the intellectual property rights of a musical composite.



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  1. The madness of the post factual world. Disgrace it is of course but I am affraid it’s the new norm.
    I don’t expect much to change in US internal affairs and policies – a few tax tweaks up and down don’t do much difference in the big picure imo.
    for us europeans, the only thing that matters is their foreign policy views and rhetoric. I’m starting to buy into the premise that HRC is riskier in terms of escalating a war with russia. she sounds like the proponent of the decade last current policy, which I am not sure yielded productive results.
    what do you think? which policies did you have in mind?

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