Cruz Is Now Best-If He Can Become President

I hoped I would be wrong, but unfortunately I wasn’t. My favorite candidate Rand Paul lost.

So who is best now? Well, I would say Ted Cruz, though it is uncertain if he is actually eligible considering that “natural born citizen clause” and the fact that he was born in Canada. Some say he is eligible because his mother is an American, but remember no in the so-called “birther”-movement questioned that Obama’s mother was American, and instead argued that the implausible theory that Obama was born in Kenya was enough to make him ineligible .

Personally I think that would be a stupid rule to make anyone ineligible, but several Democratic attorneys have pledged to argue in courts that Cruz is ineligiable if he is nominated. I hope Cruz wins and that the court rejects the claim, but that isn’t certain.

The third choice would be Marco Rubio. Ben Carson may be a good brain surgeount, bt also too much of a religious nut

And John Kasich is too centric and Trump too protectionist.


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