Libyan Intervention Comes Back To Haunt Europe

As you have probably heard, the issue of migrants crossing the Mediterranean sea from Libya to Europe (usually Italy or Malta) have become a hot topic after the death of several hundreds (the exact nummber is unclear, estimates vary from 700 to 950) through drowning. Though this is the largest incident, it is not the only and it is estimated that thousands die.

There are two possible ways to end this. Either you allow refugees and economic migrants to enter through legal transportation means, or you do like Australia and consistently deny recidency to anyone who tries to enter illegally.

Unfortunately, the EU is unlikely to do either.

What is rarely noted is that this problem is the direct result of the misguided intervention by NATO countries to oust Libya’s former dictator, Qaddafi. Qaddafi made sure to stop this flow of boat migrants, but after his demise Libya collapsed into a state of chaos and civil war, with mutiple groups, including most recently the Islamic State group, controlling different parts of the country. With multiple groups being busy fighting each other, and none not really caring about stopping the boat migrant problem, the problem has become progressively worse.

This provides further vindication for my view that the intervention in Libya was a big mistake.