The Marijuana Legalization Success Story

For once, Paul Krugman wrote a post I Liked as he endorsed the legalization of marijuana. He points out that though he don’t use it, he does drink alcohol, and why should his recrecreational drug be considered better than others?

It can also be pointed out that the experience from legalization in Colorado has been very good:

-Crime is down..

-Tourism is up. 

-The State not only receives tax revenues from pot sales, they save money by not pursuing and jailing pot smokers.

And there are no signs that any of the negative predictions, like increased marijuana related traffic accidents, have come true

It could be argued that it’s too soon to evaluate the experiment, and thatäs a partially valid point, but so far there seems to be only positive effects. And of course, even if there wasn’t positive effects, that would still indict marijuana prohibition since it restricts personal freedom. To justify it, advocates of prohibition must prove very negative effects from freedom.


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