Adult Diapers Sales Now Exceed Baby Diapers Sales In Japan

Really interesting article about how low birth rates and the ageing population it causes will slow growth in the future in most countries.

This is perhaps most extreme in Japan where a combination of more than four decades of low birth rates combined with a very high life expectancy and a “no gaijins allowed”-immigration policy has made it the world’s oldest society.

Japan just reached in April a symbolic milestone where the number of people older than 65 are now twice as many as the number of people younger than 15. Soon another will be reached as the number of people older than 75 will soon exceed the number younger than 15.

As the aforementioned article mentions, another milestone will be reached as sales of adult diapers will for the first time exceed sales of baby diapers in Japan.


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  1. Japan’s diaper milestone was actually reached in 2012, according to a WSJ article from last year:

    “Because of its dismal fertility rate, Japan’s population peaked in 2008; it has already shrunk by a million since then. Last year, for the first time, the Japanese bought more adult diapers than diapers for babies, and more than half the country was categorized as “depopulated marginal land.” At the current fertility rate, by 2100 Japan’s population will be less than half what it is now.”

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