EU-Russia Tensions Over Crimea Hurting Danish Pork Industry

As expected, EU sanctions against Russia have been limited to travel bans (and confiscating possible assets) against a limited number of individuals in Russia deemed responsible for Russia’s annexation of Crimea. No new restrictions on trade have been imposed and aren’t likely to be imposed unless Russia invades eastern Ukraine.

However, because of the tension between the EU and Russia there has been no end to the ban of imports of pork to Russia from the EU, that Russia imposed after swine flu was  found in Lithuania and Poland, something that is particularly costly to Denmark, one of the largest exporters of pork in the EU. In 2013, Denmark exported 131,000 tonnes of pork for a value of 2.1 billion kroner ( €280 million, $400 million).

The Danish government is so eager to solve the problem that it might now strike a unilateral deal with Russia to enable Danish pork exporters to resume exports to Russia (Normally trade rules and trade agreements are made at the EU level).


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