More On Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine is getting worse and worse as  pro-Russian militia” seize control of key areas in mostly Russian Crimea, increasing the risk of war. 

Meanwhile the value of the Ukrainian hryvnia is dropping fast.

See also this letter that Mish received from one of his readers


Why The Blog Moved

After the technical problems at google/blogger, which meant that I could only write in the subject field, limiting the space to twitter-levels (without the ability to link that twitter has) I planned on moving here. Since the problem disappeared, and since I preferred to stay, I decided to give google/blogger a new chance. Since the problem has re-appeared, one could say the blew that chance. So, now the blog has moved to this address. Adjust your links and bookmarks.

Regarding twitter btw, i have decided to start twitter, Because of its limited space, it is no substitute to blogging, but it is a good way to promote blog posts, and posts links and short comments so do follow me (not necessarily in the formal way) at

Tweets will be in  English or svenska depending on what I deem most appropriate.